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Charlotte Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The third set of molars, more commonly known as “Wisdom Teeth”, tend to come in between the ages of 17-25 years old. The removal of one or more third molars is a relatively common procedure, performed on some 5 million patients every year. After a thorough examination and diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or a CT scan, you may be told that you should have your wisdom teeth surgically removed.

While there are many oral surgeons that pull teeth in Charlotte, Dr. Sharma is next level. We provide a patient-first atmosphere, centered around you. Your appointment with us means no more worrying. We have built our reputation around making sure you are properly cared for, before, during and after your oral surgery appointment.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal For South Charlotte

Wisdom tooth removal is a fairly quick procedure and usually done by an oral surgeon such as Dr. Sharma. Depending on the severity of the impaction, wisdom teeth removal may be covered by insurance, but please check with our office for details on your insurance.

Our convenient location in South Charlotte is the perfect place to take your son or daughter. We have a modern, inviting office right in the middle of the Torrington community just north of I-485.

Depending on what type of anesthesia you have had, you may need another person to drive. Consult with our office to schedule and prepare for your upcoming visit. Your recovery period after wisdom tooth removal typically lasts a few days. During this time it is important to rest and treat any swelling and pain as needed.

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Top-Rated In Charlotte For All Types Of Dental Extractions

Apart from wisdom tooth procedures, extracting a tooth or teeth is also a serious matter and requires detailed planning to ensure the health and viability of a patient’s dental structure for the long term. You need the combined experience of Dr. Sharma and his team if you have ever considered whether or not a tooth extraction is right for you. Here are some of the areas of expertise you can expect with our clinic.

No this isn’t about doorknobs and strings! Tooth extraction has come a long way and many of our patients (if they actually end up needing an extraction) are surprised by how easy it is. Advanced technology is now employed to maximize comfort during the procedure.

Should the decision be made to fit dentures, it is almost certain that some tooth extraction will be necessary. Careful planning is used to preserve healthy tissue to help assure long-term dental structure health.

Take care of your wisdom teeth before they become a problem! Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma for him to examine your third molars.

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Wisdom Teeth Explained

Not sure if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Or how the procedure works? Here are a few videos providing some expert knowledge and advice.

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