What Impacts My Healing After I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question I often get asked “What impacts my healing after I have my wisdom teeth removed?” Well, you may be surprised by this answer but the first thing is your age. The second thing is the actual procedure that’s selected and then the third thing is absolutely your surgeon.

One of those things you may or may not have control over, particularly your age. But, the second two, you absolutely do have control over, and picking the right procedure for the right time and for the right reason has much of an impact on how well you heal and what your outcome will be. Your surgeon has to be qualified to bring those things together and understand the nuances that are involved to help make you heal faster and give you that best result.

So, in my world, I will tell you the most important thing is that you need to make sure that you and the surgeon are on the same page about the procedure that you’re having and that you understand the opportunities and the risks that are involved in that procedure so that we can maximize what your outcome will be. You want a surgeon that does this routinely and understands all of your choices and will make sure that you can weigh and balance the right choice for you.

So yes, I think that it’s important to decide on who takes out your wisdom teeth but what’s more important is the conversation you have before you have them removed. This in-depth conversation will help you understand what your choices are and what factors you can control.