After oral surgery, your mouth needs extra care to help the affected area heal properly. That’s why your doctor will advise you to stay away from certain foods, at least for a few days after the operation. For instance, you should avoid hard and crunchy foods because they are likely to put excess pressure on the surgery site and cause bleeding. A sharp dental team should be able to recommend a wide range of foods that you can eat after the operation. This article provides a few of the best foods to eat during recovery.


Fresh smoothies are an excellent choice for someone who’ve just had their tooth extracted. Because your doctor will prescribe a heavy dose of antibiotics after the surgery, your stomach microbiome will most likely get damaged during the recovery period. Therefore, you will need foods that will help to soothe your gut and aching gums, as well as stabilize your intestinal health. Fresh smoothies loaded with probiotics come to the rescue! You can blend Greek yogurt with frozen fruits, bananas, milk, and cocoa powder to make a delicious smoothie.

Soup and Broth

Soups and broths offer another flexible option for patients recovering from oral surgery. For instance, you can have chicken noodle soup because it is loaded with nutrients and is easy to drink. Make sure you chop the noodles, meat, and vegetables when adding them to the broth so that you can easily swallow them without a hassle. No slurping!


Because they are easy to swallow, eggs should be part of your diet plan when you are recovering from an oral medical procedure. Furthermore, they are a great source of protein that your body needs to heal. You can eat them plain, or mix them with cheese, avocado, and quiche Lorraine (without the crust).


If you are not a big fan of eggs in the morning, you can have oats as an alternative. However, avoid steel-cut-oats because they are too hard to swallow whole. To make the oatmeal even more delicious, you can add in soft fruits such as mashed blueberries, bananas, or avocado.

Mashed Potatoes

Creamy, soft mashed potatoes are a safe choice post-operation. You can even make them even hardier by adding in minced bacon and a few herbs that are rich in vitamins. But make sure the minced bacon is finely diced.