What is an L-PRF graft?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question that I often get asked, “What is an L-PRF graft?” Well, it’s a very specific type of graft where we use your own cells and we create bone that has your own cells incorporated into it your own biological substance. Your stem cells help us promote the healing of bone and promote the healing in really specific situations where we’re concerned or the bone is in a compromised position.

For us, L-PRF graphs really have changed the way we can now treat and handle areas where bony defects exist. It gives us a method in which we can promote bone growth in places where it was previously not possible. We’re using your body’s own biological stimulus to help make new bone and fool itself into thinking that it needs to be in that new place. So, ultimately, L-PRF graphs aren’t necessary everywhere but where they are necessary they really can help improve our odds of success.