As a top dental surgeon in South Charlotte, Dr. Sharma endeavors to make every visit to his office a positive memory. We have always worked tirelessly to make every patient feel at home whenever they are in our offices. Your safety is also our top priority, especially now that Corona virus is proving to be a serious health challenge. For this reason, we have scaled up our safety standards, making sure every patient that walks into our clinic is fully protected. In fact, our new safety standards exceed the safety protocols provided by CDC (Center for Disease Control).

By implementing these safety measures, we have been able to focus on our patients’ needs and desires. Among the new measures we have put in places are three layers of safety and protection. These layers are designed to make sure everyone is safe. The first layer of protection involves air management. To achieve this, we have installed a HealthPro Series HyperHEPA air purification system that has been personally tested and approved by IQAir. This system is able to filter 99.5 percent of dangerous ultrafine contamination particles down to about 0.003 microns, which is 10 times smaller than a virus.

The other layer involves integrating social distancing measures into our client care experience. We appreciate the fact that maintaining the right social distance is the most effective way to stop the spread. Therefore, we have come up with a new sitting arrangement that promotes social distancing. Where a distance of 6ft is not possible, we have installed Plexiglas barriers that allow us to still discuss about your condition without exposing each other to the risk of infection.

The third layer of protection involves the use of advanced PPEs. During examination and surgery, all our clinical officers will wear surgical masks and other protective gear to prevent cross contamination. These PPEs are carefully disposed of after every surgery and the rooms decontaminated for a period of not less than five minutes. We are also encouraging patients to wait in their vehicles and text on arrival to reduce the number of patients in the clinic at the same time.

All patients must undergo pre-screening before they enter our offices to minimize the risk of spreading Corona virus. This pre-screening process includes sharing of the patient’s medical history, registration and consent forms digitally before they arrive. We are also utilizing no-touch technology as well as teledentistry to minimize physical contact with the patient before surgery. All these measures are aimed at protecting you and our staff while providing you with the best treatment options.