Benefits of Dental Implants

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question I often get asked, “Hey, what are the benefits of a dental implant?” Remember, a dental implant is a way that we can replace a tooth with the closest replica to your original tooth as possible. It has a base to it, which is called a dental implant, and it has the tooth portion of it which is called the crown. Dental implants are great because you replace one missing tooth with one new solution. You don’t have to compromise other teeth in the area, you don’t have to have something that comes in and out of your mouth, but it also has some other very important aspects. It basically fools the body into thinking that it still needs to be functioning in that spot, that the bone still needs to stay strong and that the gum tissue is stimulated to be healthy. So a dental implant helps preserve bone in an area when it’s placed because it makes our body still think it has a purpose it also helps protect other teeth in that area because it doesn’t compromise those other teeth and long term, the care of that dental implant tends to be much easier  than the care of a bridge or a partial or even a missing space. So, with that being said, dental implants are much better than just replacing the tooth, they actually protect the bone, the gum tissue and other teeth in that area too.