What Affects Healing After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question that I often get asked, “What affects my healing afterward when I have a wisdom tooth removed?” Well, there are some studies out there that actually indicate a couple of things that are really impactful to this when you have your wisdom teeth removed. A lot depends on the length and the amount of time of the procedure. The longer it takes to have the procedure done, the more swelling you typically have. In fact, the more finesse that’s used and the more delicately the tissue is treated the easier and the quicker it will heal. Also, research shows that the type of stitches used and the position of the stitches also have a great impact on the amount of healing you have and your post-operative healing. So, if you think that it doesn’t matter how the wisdom tooth is removed, you’re wrong. It absolutely does so you want to make sure that it’s being done as properly as possible with every attention to the things that will help you heal afterward because what you have done at that moment can affect how you heal after that moment.