At Sharma Oral Surgery, we work hard to offer the most effective and reliable oral surgical procedures in this part of the globe. To this end, we have adopted new and innovative systems and methodologies that have proven quite useful. We want you to be at ease, knowing that your surgery will go on successfully. In the wake of COVID-19, we have upgraded our operations to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. For instance, we have significantly minimized patient-to-doctor contact in our offices while ensuring that our patients continue to enjoy the best oral treatment.

When preparing you for surgery, we always take you through the various steps involved in the process to alleviate any apprehension that you may have. This preparation includes orienting you to your surroundings. We must offer you all the necessary pre-operative teachings every step of the way, ensuring that you understand everything that is going on. We will talk to you about what will happen during and after the surgery so that you can have a clear picture of the whole process even before we begin. It is also our responsibility to inform you of what to expect throughout the process. We all want to be on the same page.

Initially, this orientation used to be a one-on-one session between the doctor and the patient. But to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infections, we have adopted new ways of performing this critical task, including the use of video consultation. Instead of inviting you to our offices for the orientation, we will talk to you about the procedure through a video call. This new development is part of our telemedicine practice guidelines that we have put in place to promote social distancing. With our teleconsultation opportunities, we have made it possible for our patients to seek oral care advice without leaving their houses.

Through this video calling technology, we have been able to limit the number of patients visiting our offices every day, thus preventing minimizing the risk of exposure to infection. This development is consistent with the new telemedicine guidelines issued by WHO and other authorities in the health sector. It has not only helped us observe social distancing but has also provided us with an opportunity to offer timely and quick access to quality oral treatment. If you have any questions about oral health, feel free to reach out to use right away.