A Message From Dr. Sharma To My Patients:

For more than 20 years, I have been focused on providing excellent care and service through oral and facial surgery for my patients. I have focused on helping my patients achieve the outcomes they want by working as a team with other focused clinicians. My experiences working with my team and my patients are intensely rewarding and a daily source of inspiration. If there is one thing that I have learned throughout my years practicing, it is that fulfillment comes from working and interacting with others. Though one can have pride in personal work, the greatest source of contentment is a result of working with and for others.

I believe that to be a surgeon, you need to view yourself as a master craftsman with an exceptional team committed to a single goal. Although the importance of true craftsmanship may be diminished in today’s “it’s good enough” society, its importance is not lost on us at Sharma Oral Surgery. A master craftsman must possess a set of remarkable skills, knowledge, and experience that has been honed over time.

I like to make the comparison to any other art form that requires dedication to improving and an innate ability to see beyond the obvious. With music, visual arts, and photography, the practitioner must constantly hone their skills. They must continually evolve, as well. Most importantly, they must be driven to demand the best from themselves and (if applicable) those that they work with. These are not fields that reward those who settle for “good enough”. The artist must learn their craft and amass a body of knowledge that is paid for with time. It is the same with the medical profession.

There really isn’t a scenario where “good enough” serves either the patient or the surgeon. Every procedure must be backed with a commitment to your patient, your team, and yourself to be the very best you can be. You must bring to bear your experience and intuition to ensure the best possible outcome.

I am proud that this is who we are and that this is what we continue to aim to be: master craftsmen committed to the personalized care we provide to you.