The second layer of protection involves incorporating Social Distancing Standards into your patient care experience.

  • We understand that maintaining proper separation from each other is the best way to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Wherever possible we have created opportunities to promote social distancing.
    • We wish we could still shake your hand or sit at a desk and review your care.
  • We have put in place the next best things to show that your safety matters.
    • One example is that we are asking our patients to text or call when you arrive at the office.
    • The reception area has been rearranged into smaller seating areas to maintain 6 feet of separation so when you enter you will have your own space.
    • When 6 feet of separation will interfere with discussions about your care we have added clear plexiglass barriers where possible and our team will wear surgical masks.
    • Lastly, we are screening all patients and team members before they enter the office to decrease the risks of infection.
    • We are committed to your safety and by taking these steps we are supporting the goals of social distancing without compromising your care.