How Can You Replace Teeth In A Day?

As an oral surgeon, I wanted to share with you a question I often get asked, “How can you replace teeth in a day?” Well, to be honest with you, you can and you can’t. There is lots of advertising that goes on out there and a lot of marketing and as simply as we can put it when you see a lot of marketing, I’ll tell you buyer beware.

You can’t have teeth in a day but what you can have is temporary teeth in a day. And it doesn’t mean that you can place one tooth that way, you can only replace all of your teeth that way. It’s an incredibly good option for patients who have unfortunately reached a place where their teeth aren’t salvageable and the cost of replacing or fixing the teeth they have left outweighs the cost of address the problem as a whole. So in those situations, you can replace teeth in a day but they’re going to have temporary teeth and then they’re going to go through approximately a 5-6 month process before they have permanent teeth.