Dental implants have become quite popular these days, with many people getting them to enhance their smile and improve their dental health. Unfortunately, the only way to get implants is through surgery. This means that you must take proper care after the surgery to ensure the wound heals properly. This helps the implant fit and hold properly and safely. Here are a few tips for dental implant patients.

  • Don’t chew your food vigorously, spit or rinse your mouth for at least one day after the dental surgery. This will allow the injured tissues to relax, which improves the healing process. Also, avoid pulling at the lips to check the operative site as this might cause bleeding. In case of bleeding, keep firm biting pressure on the gauze pack over the operative site for an hour. Repeat this process as necessary.
  • After the oral surgery, you are likely going to experience swelling. No need to stress about this because it’s common. There are simple steps you can take to deal with the swelling. Try keeping your head elevated (on several pillows) or apply ice packs to the swollen area. This will enable more blood to flow and minimize swelling.
  • Don’t try to be a hero. You may think you are healed, but just take a step back. Before you get back to your daily work routine, it is advisable to limit physical activities at least for 48 hours after oral surgery. Overexertion can cause post-operative bleeding and uneasiness. Lie down and keep your head elevated on a pillow.


  • Obviously, people who don’t smoke generally enjoy better dental health. If you are a smoker, to avoid infections, avoid smoking for at least three days after the oral surgery. Even if you do not get infections, smoking will delay healing. Do not use partial or full dentures after surgery unless your doctor advises you so.
  • Clean the implant with a soft-bristle toothbrush at least twice a day. This helps to remove harmful germs and plaque that might cause infection. It also keeps the implant and the wound clean, stimulating speedy healing.
  • Brush gently under and around the implant crown to avoid irritating the wounded gum. To clean the hard-to-reach places, use a nylon-coated interdental brush. Don’t use a waxed tape to floss your teeth if you recently had a dental implant. Instead, find an unwaxed tape or a floss that is designed for teeth implants. Only use an oral irrigator that your dentist has recommended.

If you follow these simple tips for dental implant patients, your implant will heal well and you can resume your daily activities.