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Joye Baucom
Apr 19, 2023
 by Joye Baucom on Sharma Oral Surgery
Extraction of a wisdom tooth

Dr. Sharma was recommended by my dentist and I highly recommend him.
He and his staff were excellent in all respects. I experienced absolutely no pain other than a very minor dull awareness the first day.

Michael Jacobson
Apr 19, 2023
 by Michael Jacobson on Sharma Oral Surgery

I absolutely loved the entire especially Lisa who was extremely helpful & even followed up with a phone call on Thanksgiving to see how I was doing post operation. She was extremely knowledgeable & helpful following my surgery even going as far as personally texting me every couple days. Dr. Sharma was extremely professional & the front desk girls were always fast & super friendly!

Whitney Kessler
Apr 19, 2023
 by Whitney Kessler on Sharma Oral Surgery
Exceptional care

Dr.Sharma and his staff went above and beyond to make sure i had a clear picture of how the procedure was going to go and that o was fully comfortable during the entire process. They were very uplifting and all smiles the entire time. I highly recommend!

Lillian Almeida
Apr 19, 2023
 by Lillian Almeida on Sharma Oral Surgery
Tooth extractions and implant prep

I met with Dr Sharma and his team on 2/10,/23. Dr. Sharma and his team are very professional,Dr. Sharma went over a plan with me and made me feel comfortable. Had the surgery and everything went smoothly Dr Sharma & his staff are excellent. They show alot of care and check up on me to make sure I was fine . I highly recommend Dr. Sharma !

Greg Burnap
Apr 19, 2023
 by Greg Burnap on Sharma Oral Surgery
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I was very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth extracted, especially at am older age. Dr. Sharma instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. His staff is extremely friendly and helpful, I have never been more happy and calm to be somewhere to get a procedure done. Thank you!

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