Dr. Sharma’s Patient Safety Plan

Patient Safety is our number one priority

We want you to know what we’ve been doing to keep you safe.

We have created and implemented our
Patient Safety Plan


Mask Requirements

If you have been fully vaccinated for more than 2 weeks you are not required to wear a mask in the office. If you do not meet these requirements, please wear a mask in the office until asked to remove it.

5 Minute Rule

We have created an additional cleaning step to allow for air decontamination and surface cleaning to reset each treatment room completely.

By making our office the safest possible,
we can return to focusing on your needs and goals.

We have taken it upon ourselves to exceed the standards being set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Keeping our promise to you to do the best possible when it comes to providing your care. Creating these layers of protection keep us all safer.

During the quarantine, while seeing emergency patients, Dr. Sharma was collaborating with other industry leaders to define ways to make offices safer in preparation for when businesses and practices would be able to return to work. Click the video below recognizing Dr. Sharma for his efforts.

Patient Safety Plan (PSP)

Sharma Oral Surgery’s goal is to create a safe, individualized care experience for every patient. Dr. Sharma believes by aggressively managing air quality, using advanced personal protection, and implementing social distancing standards our team can provide the level of safety consistent with our 15-year promise to you.

To achieve this promise, we have implemented our Patient Safety Plan (PSP) to reduce the transmission of pathogens to the lowest levels possible. The plan is made up of these three independent layers of protection. The Air Management Program, Advanced Personal Protection, and Social Distancing Standards are all intended to complement each other. creating overlapping layers of protection for you, our patients and the office team.

Our desire is for you to know what Sharma Oral Surgery is doing to protect you, so together we can focus on achieving the results you have come to expect and deserve.

The Patient Safety Plan begins with our Air Management Program.

The Air Management Program addresses both the air regularly circulating in the office and the aerosols created during patient care.

  • As a community we have become aware that the air we breathe can unintentionally make us or our family sick.
  • Dr. Sharma understands that the first layer of protection in our office will involve cleaning the air we breathe to keep patients and our team as safe as possible.
  • For this reason, Dr. Sharma has implemented an air filtration system that will disinfect and remove particles as small as COVID 19 viruses.
  • The system is capable of decontaminating the air in the entire office every 15 minutes and the air during treatment in the protected surgical suites every 4 minutes.
  • By decontaminating the air you breathe we have added a new level of protection to keep you safe.

The use of Advanced Personal Protection is the next layer of protection.

Sharma Oral Surgery has always exceeded the required guidelines with respect to personal protection used during surgery to protect you.

  • We will expand the protection we provide to our patients by following the CDC and OSHA guidelines to include all standard precautions, contact precautions, airborne precautions, and eye wear precautions while adding an additional step to complete a comprehensive 5-minute decontamination process.
  • We have tailored Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to each area of the office to protect you.
    • During your surgery we will be wearing N95 or similar masks, face shields/goggles, hats, full-length gowns, and gloves to provide the highest level of protection available.
    • After your visit the surgical suites and other treatment rooms will undergo an additional 5 minute period of decontamination which will renew for the counters, equipment, and air completely for the next patient.

At Sharma Oral Surgery we have always prided ourselves on our commitment to providing our best when it comes to taking care of you.

The combination of an Air Management Program. Social Distancing Standards. and Advanced Personal Protection equipment creates our Patient Safety Plan. These measures are not mandated to keep you safe. We choose to do them because our mission has always been to protect you and our team while striving to provide you the best options to reach your treatment goal.

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