Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental procedures, with teenagers and young adults topping the list of people getting their wisdom teeth removed. It is a fact that more people now understand why, more often than not, they need to get rid of their wisdom teeth as early as possible. It is no longer a secret that wisdom teeth can be a significant source of complex dental problems. Extraction is the most expedient method for helping young adults avoid complications from impacted wisdom teeth.

However, on the whole, wisdom teeth extraction is not an enjoyable experience. It is a complex surgery that requires some serious healing time afterward. Therefore, anything you can do to make the extraction process smooth and successful is welcome news. Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to make your wisdom teeth removal easier.


Take the Prescribed Medicine

After the wisdom teeth extraction, your doctor will prescribe specific medications to help you relieve the pain and heal quickly. Make sure you take the medicines and follow the prescription to make the procedure successful and straightforward. Even if you feel like you won’t need the drugs, fill your prescription. There is nothing wrong with minimizing discomfort to promote recovery.


Avoid Straws

Since the surgical wounds left after the extraction of wisdom teeth make it difficult for the patient to open their mouth, straws make drinking and eating more convenient. But the truth is that sucking on a straw or anything else (candy, or worse, a cigarette) after wisdom teeth extraction is a risk because it can loosen the stitches and leave dry sockets at the surgical sites. Any action like slurping noodles or the like is not a good idea.



Have Your Gauze Ready (aka, Who Left the Gauze Out?)

Having gauze on hand is very important because your sockets might start to bleed at any time. Ask your doctor to give you enough gauze after the surgery so that you do not have to go out and buy some. You want to have it on hand, ready to use at home.


Take a Load Off

How often do you hear, “Boy, if I could just get some rest in…”? Well, now’s your chance! Don’t try to be a hero. For you to recover fully and quickly, you need to minimize your movement and avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities for some time. Engaging in excessive physical activities immediately after wisdom teeth removal could provoke bleeding through the sockets due to increased heart rate and blood flow. So, it is time to take a rest and enjoy those exciting movies and TV shows you’ve always wanted to watch. Netflix awaits!