How Important Is It To Use Ice And Heat?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question I often get asked, “How important is it to use ice and heat?” Well, I think it’s actually very important. The use of ice and the use of heat is a way in which we can help minimize post-operative swelling and improve our ability to return to normal function sooner. Everybody kind of knows that if you sprained your ankle, the first thing you want to do is ice it and elevate it and then once we start to start to heal we want to use heat so we can start to stretch it out again and make it loosen up so we can get it back to doing well it’s normal function allowing us to walk without pain. So, ice and heat for me are just two additional ways that we help you kind of heal better and heal faster and allow your body to do all the things it needs to do so you can get back to your normal and daily activities.