How Do You Protect Me From COVID-19?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question I often get asked “What are you doing to protect me from COVID-19?” Well I’m actually going to great lengths to protect you from COVID-19. We are trained in providing appropriate PPE, providing exceptional care but more importantly, managing patients with respiratory sort of infections. We’ve created each one of our surgical rooms as independent spaces with negative air flows to help minimize the spread of any aerosol or droplets into any of the other spaces outside of that room. We have gone to the lengths of making sure that the PPE in each room is color coordinated so that every patient can rest assured visually, by seeing that only the PPE that’s being used is what’s being used for them and it’s not being moved from one room to the other and therefore possibly exposing to other patients. And we are going as far as purifying the air so that the air in every one of those rooms is basically being decontaminated and replaced every 10 to 11 minutes. By doing so, we can ensure that the environment that you’re going to be having your surgery in is as individual to you as any place else possible. By doing these small little things, we can go a long way to help protect every patient from possibly contracting COVID-19 and protect them and their health.