How Important Is Frequency of Care?

As an oral surgeon, I want to share with you a question I often get asked, “Does it matter how often you do a procedure?” Well, it actually does. I’m trained in doing rhinoplasties, I’m trained in doing fillers, I’m training using Botox, I’m trained in doing cosmetic procedures, but I won’t lie to you, I don’t do very many of them if any at all anymore. And because I can’t look at my patients and tell them that I do this enough to where I am proficient or excellent at it and you should have a surgeon that is proficient and excellent at whatever it is that they’re doing so the frequency in which your doctor does a procedure, how often they do that specific procedure or understand that specific situation is important. They don’t need to just understand the procedure, they need to do it enough times that they get proficient enough that making decisions in the moment become second nature and by doing so then you’ll have an expert at that specific thing taking care of you and you can only expect them to get the best possible outcomes.