You take wonderful care of your teeth, and, under ordinary circumstances, are able to avoid dental procedures beyond typical cleanings or the occasional filling. Unfortunately, even the most conscientious dental patients can face unexpected trouble. Emergencies happen, and a loose tooth tends to fall out at the worst time.  In such situations, it can be difficult to know where to turn — particularly for those who have yet to establish strong relationships with a local oral surgeon.

Don’t underestimate the importance of oral surgeon selection; your decision could determine both immediate quality of care and long-term outcomes.

Keep the following in mind as you search for the ideal oral surgeon:

Formal Education

Where did your prospective oral surgeon attend school? Ideally, your surgeon will have a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Doctor of Medicine. Evidence of association memberships and continuing education may also prove valuable. After all, in a quickly evolving industry, it’s important to work with an oral surgeon who makes a point of remaining up to date with new research and technology.

Experience & Residency

The more experience your oral surgeon possesses, the better. With experience, oral surgeons get a better sense for how different patients handle different procedures — and how best to respond to unexpected circumstances. Your oral surgery office should be able to articulate their unique surgical experiences and identify training programs dedicated to ongoing education. It’s also helpful to see if your OMS is on regional professional networking, has dedicated hospital hours at a nearby facility, and/or has a legacy of honors and awards from various institutions.

Niche Skills Or Knowledge

General experience is helpful, of course, but an oral surgeon with a background in your specific area of concern may prove most helpful. If, for example, you intend to seek dental implants, an oral surgeon who specializes in this procedure may be your best bet.


How your oral surgeon interacts with patients matters. Your oral surgeon should seek to help you feel comfortable and at ease, particularly if you’ve previously mentioned that dental settings and situations make you nervous.

The right oral surgeon can make all the difference as you prepare for, undergo, and recover from challenging procedures. Do your research to ensure that you only work with the best oral surgery team available.


Lest we forget the big one, which is reviews. Doctors around the world have never been reviewed online, and this is a big step for them. Don’t worry too much if you see low or no reviews on various sites for different doctors. You should be able to identify if the oral surgeon has a decent online presence and it has modern and updated information.

Be sure to look at reviews honestly. Many times in the oral surgery world, much dissatisfaction exists with insurance and billing, and not so much the surgery itself. Look for an office that will help you with filing insurance, but realize that not all oral surgery procedures are covered by most health or dental insurance. Sharma Oral Surgery aims to take as much of the guesswork out of the billing process as possible, and we have a dedicated coordinator to help you with insurance claims.

Finding the best oral surgery care in Charlotte

The oral surgeon you choose ultimately should be someone you have met and are comfortable with. In emergency situations, you may have to rely on online reviews, or dental referrals to make a judgment call. Your oral surgeon should have an online bio and website, have good reviews from other patients and generally be searchable online. You should be able to quickly find out who they are, where they went to school and what their experiences are like.

These are the best ways to quickly vet and find an oral surgeon that can provide the level of care you need, especially in times of need. Call Dr. Sharma today if you are looking for a truly caring oral surgery team.