Having a gap in your teeth affects not just your dental health but your self-image too. It is uncomfortable for you to enjoy a good conversation with other people because you are afraid to laugh or smile. You are subconsciously thinking about the gap in your teeth and how ugly it makes you look when you smile.

Over time, this feeling will lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel ashamed of yourself anymore. With dental implants, you can permanently replace the missing tooth and restore your natural smile. Here are some of how dental implants will improve your self-image.

Restoring Your Smile

People will always have the wrong impression of you if you are always frowning. In any case, nobody wants to be around someone who never smiles. So, if you are still afraid of laughing or smiling in front of people because of the ugly gap in your teeth, dental implants will help you restore your healthy smile.

Preserving Your Youthful Look

The longer you take to replace a missing tooth, the weaker and withered your jawbone becomes. A receded jawbone causes wrinkled lips and sunken cheeks and face. This leaves you looking older than your actual age. To avoid this, you should replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. An implant helps to preserve your jawbone and reinvigorate bone growth through osseointegration. That way, you can maintain your youthful facial profile.

Looking Healthy

A gap in your teeth means that you won’t be able to chew your food correctly. You might have to remove certain foods from your diet. This deprives your body of essential nutrients, thus lowering your immunity. But when you replace the missing teeth with dental implants, you can eat any food you want without discomfort. So, your body will get enough nutrients and minerals to fight off diseases and keep you looking young and healthy.

No Speech Restrictions

Teeth play an essential role in enabling us to pronounce words correctly. So, when you lose one or several teeth, especially those in front, your speech becomes slurred. Fortunately, dental implants feel and function like natural teeth, thereby saving you from embarrassing situations.

Lasting Confidence

When you lose your natural teeth, the next best alternative is dental implants. They will restore your ability to eat your favorite food, smile, and speak with renewed confidence.