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Dental implants provide a long term solution for replacing missing teeth. More and more people are opting in for dental implants – and they have an overall success rate of 95%.

The use of dental implants has become a go-to option for bringing a patient back to great dental health. Implants are almost always the better option when deciding between implants and dentures. The added structural integrity provided by implants gives a much-needed sense of security to patients who might have suffered discomfort for years before. If you think you might be at a point where you need to go that extra step to feel better about your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sharma to discuss your options.

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dental implants

Permanently Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Unlike fixed bridges or removable dentures, dental implants will not affect your neighboring healthy teeth ore lead to bone loss in the jaw. These dental implants, made of titanium metal, are embedded into your jawbone – just like natural teeth.

During a minor surgical procedure, your dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone in the space vacated by the missing tooth. It will then be left to heal for a period of months before the final crown is attached. During this healing period, the implant actually fuses to the bone surrounding it – this process is called “osseointegration”. Because of this process, implants never slip!

dental implants

The 4 Types Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are often used for replacing severely damaged teeth. While single-tooth replacements considered simpler than multi-tooth replacements, correct prosthetic fabrication and placement are just as important for any kind of replacement procedure.

When you are looking at replacing multiple teeth, it’s important to consult with Dr. Sharma first as each person’s case is very individual, and the treatment plan will be adjusted based on the need. When multiple teeth are severely damaged and need replacing, it’s important to assess the existing bone structure and determine if any bone preservation or oral pathology procedures needs to be performed first.

With multiple dental implants, there are options to use dental implant posts, implant-supported bridges, crowns and other dental work in combination to achieve the desired outcome. Sharma Oral Surgery also focuses on Refresh Smile, which replaces a complete set of uppers and/or lowers at the same time.


One of the big complaints about dentures is the feeling of instability that have when chewing. Denture stabilization offers a solution by providing a combination of implants and dentures to anchor the dentures more securely in the mouth. Cleaning is simplified as well with the user removing the appliance at night to clean in a solution.

This is a permanent solution. Unlike normal dentures, removing stabilized dentures would require another surgical procedure.


Dentures require constant care and at times, will require replacing part or all of the set. If you need to feel better about your dentures, schedule an appointment to discuss your options including replacing them with dental implants.


Wondering what the differences are between Implant Supported Teeth over the other options?

Dental Implant Supported Teeth

  • Secure and confident smile
  • Ability to enjoy all your favorite foods
  • Aids in normal and healthy digestion
  • Creates a normal bite force
  • Maintains the jawbone
  • Provides long-term stability

Dentures or Partials

  • Loose and mobile
  • Reduces bite force
  • Limited food choices
  • Causes loss or thinning of the jawbone

From The Doctor

Wondering if Dental Implants are right for you? In these videos, Dr. Sharma goes over the effects of having a missing tooth, or teeth, and what your best option is for tooth replacement.

Missing a tooth or several teeth? Dr. Sharma explains the effects a missing tooth can have on your mouth and overall oral health.

There are several options to replace a missing tooth. Dr. Sharma explains these options and which is the best choice.

If you would like to know more about dental implants or want to talk to Dr. Sharma more about this procedure, do not hesitate to give our office a call and schedule a consultation!

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