Although it is perfectly normal to have four wisdom teeth, most people prefer to remove them immediately to prevent problems that may arise when these third molars become impacted. More often than not, wisdom teeth become problematic right from their development stage, mainly due to the limited space in the mouth. Since these molars emerge when a person is in their late teens, they have to squeeze themselves through the small spaces left by the rest of the teeth. Therefore, they almost always end up growing in at an odd angle. This strange behavior can cause an array of dental problems.

Wisdom Teeth Can Be Complicated

At times it isn’t straightforward for someone to know whether their wisdom teeth grew in impacted. Often there aren’t any signs that something could be wrong. Unfortunately, if the affected teeth are left to grow, they end up causing severe oral problems, some of which are irreversible. Here are some of the most common health problems caused by wayward wisdom teeth.

  • Damaged teeth: when your wisdom teeth grow in at odd angles, they may interfere with the roots of the neighboring teeth, creating some serious structural problems. Reversing this damage requires extensive oral surgery, which will not only cost you a significant amount of money but will also adversely affect your everyday life.
  • Gum Infection: when a wisdom tooth breaks through your gum line, it creates a perfect area for bacteria to grow, setting the stage for serious gum infections. Also, when the bacteria get stuck in the opening, you can experience bad breath, which will have a direct impact on your social life.
  • Tooth Decay: the infection might spread to the neighboring teeth and cause them to decay and eventually fall off. Also, because there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow, your teeth become crowded, making it difficult for you to remove all the trapped particles of food in the hard-to-reach areas. The consequence of this is extensive teeth decay.
  • Cysts: the affected wisdom tooth causes a swelling that can easily damage your jawbone and roots of the neighboring teeth. Eventually, the jawbone becomes too weak to hold the teeth, and you could start losing your teeth at an early age.
  • Pain: an impacted wisdom tooth causes pain and swelling, which can make your life unbearable.

So, if you want to avoid these and other problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth, make sure you remove them immediately. Luckily, we offer expert, reliable wisdom teeth removal services. Contact us and schedule an appointment to have the best possible experience with your wisdom teeth.