The Patient Safety Plan begins with our Air Management Program.

The Air Management Program prioritizes the quality of the air breathed by our patients by addressing both the air regularly circulating in the office and the aerosols created during patient care.

  • As a community we have become aware that the air we breathe can unintentionally make us or our family sick.
  • Dr. Sharma understands that the first layer of protection in our office will involve cleaning the air we breathe to keep patients and our team as safe as possible.
  • For this reason, Dr. Sharma has implemented an air filtration system that will disinfect and remove particles as small as COVID 19 viruses.
  • The system is capable of decontaminating the air in the entire office every 15 minutes and the air during treatment in the protected surgical suites every 4 minutes.
  • By decontaminating the air you breathe we have added a new level of protection to keep you safe.

See the full details of the IQAir systems we have implemented to filter out 99.97% of even the smallest airborne particles including virus organisms.