The use of Advanced Personal Protection is the third layer of protection.

Sharma Oral Surgery has always exceeded the required guidelines with respect to personal protection used during surgery to protect you.

  • We will expand the protection we provide to our patients by following the CDC and OSHA guidelines to include all standard precautions, contact precautions, airborne precautions, and eyewear precautions while adding an additional step to complete a comprehensive 5-minute decontamination process.
  • We have tailored Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to each area of the office to protect you.
    • During your surgery we will be wearing N95 or similar masks, face shields/goggles, hats, full-length gowns, and gloves to provide the highest level of protection available.
    • After your visit the surgical suites and other treatment rooms will undergo an additional 5 minute period of decontamination which will renew for the counters, equipment, and air completely for the next patient.

At Sharma Oral Surgery we have always prided ourselves on our commitment to providing our best when it comes to taking care of you.