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Dr. Priveer Sharma is a Board-Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Meet Dr. Priveer Sharma, Charlotte oral surgery expert

Meet Dr. Sharma

Dr. Sharma is a proud member of the Ballantyne community and the premier Oral Surgeon in the South Charlotte area. An oral surgeon is a dental specialist – meaning they took an added four to six years of training after dental school. An oral surgeon focuses on performing dental surgical procedures. One of the top experts in Charlotte oral surgery, Dr. Sharma should be your choice for a great experience.

These procedures include simple and complicated teeth extractions (including wisdom teeth), dental implant placement, repair of broken bones in the jaws and face, removal of cysts and tumors of the jaws, soft tissue biopsies, jaw realignment surgery to correct bite discrepancies, and cosmetic and TMJ surgeries.

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At Sharma Oral Surgery, we are committed to a singular promise of caring for you by maintaining an outstanding facility with highly trained individuals. Every member of our team is dedicated to you understanding every step of your care while seamlessly coordinating your treatment.

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Serving The Charlotte Community Since 2003

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Unlike fixed bridges or removable dentures, dental implants will not affect your neighboring healthy teeth. The dental post will fuse to the jawbone and create a sturdy support for dental caps added at the end. Dental implants can also replace the cost of long-term dental care by reducing the amount of maintenance needed for crowns, bridges & dentures.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wondering when it is time to get those third molars out? Whether you are experiencing pain or want to prevent future oral issues from arising, there are many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed. Come see why Dr. Sharma’s office is one of the best places to get your wisdom teeth removed in Charlotte.

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Refresh Smile

Refresh Smile is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth in a single day. At Sharma Oral Surgery, we have been providing successful same day and staged mouth restorations for years. Come see how we can replace the entire set of upper and lower teeth, permanently, in just one day.

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Facial Reconstruction

Facial injuries can affect not only a person’s ability to carry on basic life functions such as eating and talking, but can also deeply affect their ‘sense of self’. Charlotte oral surgery expert Dr. Sharma has deep experience in repairing on all types of sports, birth and trauma related maxillofacial injuries, so that our patients can feel and look like themselves again.

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Tooth Extractions

Even with a lifetime of proper dental care, teeth age and can break down. There are a variety of reasons why you may need a tooth or teeth removed. If you have a painful tooth, we have options for quick removal and replacement of lost teeth. Learn more.

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Bone Preservation

Bone preservation is used to build up new bone in the area of your jaw that used to hold teeth. Used in conjunction with other procedures, bone grafting & preservation allows Dr. Sharma to recreate the jawbone in preparation for dental implants or other fixed prosthesis.

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Meet Dr. Sharma and Speak With A Charlotte Oral Surgery Expert in Ballantyne

Dr. Priveer Sharma is nationally-known for his work in the oral surgery field, operating from the heart of Ballantyne in South Charlotte, NC. Sharma Oral Surgery is located in the Torringdon shopping center off Johnston Rd & I-485. The entire team at Sharma Oral Surgery is here to help improve your oral health while making your visit relaxing and comfortable. Schedule an appointment today and meet Dr. Sharma and the team!

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    Proudly serving the greater Charlotte community including Ballantyne, South Park, Pineville, Matthews, Waxhaw & Fort Mill. Offering oral surgery services such as jaw surgery, wisdom tooth extractions, jaw alignments, trauma reconstructions & many other advanced oral surgery services. Give our practice a call today to learn what we can do for you!

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    Sharma Oral Surgery
    Average rating:  
     11 reviews
    Joye Baucom
    Apr 19, 2023
     by Joye Baucom
    Extraction of a wisdom tooth

    Dr. Sharma was recommended by my dentist and I highly recommend him.
    He and his staff were excellent in all respects. I experienced absolutely no pain other than a very minor dull awareness the first day.

    Michael Jacobson
    Apr 19, 2023
     by Michael Jacobson

    I absolutely loved the entire especially Lisa who was extremely helpful & even followed up with a phone call on Thanksgiving to see how I was doing post operation. She was extremely knowledgeable & helpful following my surgery even going as far as personally texting me every couple days. Dr. Sharma was extremely professional & the front desk girls were always fast & super friendly!

    Whitney Kessler
    Apr 19, 2023
     by Whitney Kessler
    Exceptional care

    Dr.Sharma and his staff went above and beyond to make sure i had a clear picture of how the procedure was going to go and that o was fully comfortable during the entire process. They were very uplifting and all smiles the entire time. I highly recommend!

    Lillian Almeida
    Apr 19, 2023
     by Lillian Almeida
    Tooth extractions and implant prep

    I met with Dr Sharma and his team on 2/10,/23. Dr. Sharma and his team are very professional,Dr. Sharma went over a plan with me and made me feel comfortable. Had the surgery and everything went smoothly Dr Sharma & his staff are excellent. They show alot of care and check up on me to make sure I was fine . I highly recommend Dr. Sharma !

    Greg Burnap
    Apr 19, 2023
     by Greg Burnap
    Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    I was very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth extracted, especially at am older age. Dr. Sharma instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. His staff is extremely friendly and helpful, I have never been more happy and calm to be somewhere to get a procedure done. Thank you!

    Carrie Hardy
    Jul 15, 2020
     by Carrie Hardy
    Tooth extraction and implant prep

    I met with Dr Sharma and his team on Monday July12, 2020. From the time I entered the building I was greeted by friendly staff. Dr. Sharma went over a plan with me and made me feel comfortable and less stressed. They were able to get me in the next day for the surgery and everything went smoothly. Every one is pleasant to deal with and highly recommend using Dr Sharma practice.

    Jeremy Emmerton
    Jun 26, 2020
     by Jeremy Emmerton
    Good bye wisdom tooth

    Dr.sharma and your team of professionals I thank you for the recent extraction you completed. From the moment I arrived at the Ballantine center, I was greeted with consideration, empathy and respect. In short it was the best experience I could have expected especially considering the social distancing requirements we are all dealing with. The follow up to my surgery confirmed first and second visit impressions. I hope not to need the same service again but if I do I know who I will be calling. Thanks so much. Jerry.

    Akeia Deloach
    Jun 15, 2020
     by Akeia Deloach

    This is my second time coming to Dr. Sharma for oral surgery and I recommend to anyone in Charlotte. I had a unique situation and a very large tooth removed. I felt no pain! I literally took ibuprofen one time in the days following the surgery. The staff is great and they handled everything very well during the pandemic.

    Teri Basch
    May 20, 2020
     by Teri Basch
    Very Professional and Convenient

    Have hD two sons here in the last year getting wisdom teeth out. They are awesome- thorough, quick, very professional and friendly. We would highly recommend Sharma Oral Surgery.

    MaryAnn Hightower
    Mar 17, 2020
     by MaryAnn Hightower
    Really great experience

    My 16 year old daughter had her wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. It was a really great experience--the staff was super friendly and helpful and Dr Sharma was amazing at making my daughter feel relaxed and comfortable. Glad my dentist recommended Dr. Sharma--will definitely take my son when it's time for his wisdom teeth to come out.

    Diane Myers
    Dec 15, 2019
     by Diane Myers
    Awesome surgeon & staff

    Dr Sharma & his staff are excellent. They show alot of care from the minute you arrive. You know all dtails of your procedure. It is a calmning atmosphere in their office. I have had several procedures here & trust Dr. Sharma 100 % for my best outcome. Love his staff to always keep me calmn. Will continue to trust Dr. Sharma & his staff.